Dr. DJs Unexpected Histories

Have you ever been bored by History? Perhaps you were watching a long documentary and started to doze off. Perhaps a relative gave you a book that spent 20 pages telling you something you learned in class last year. Perhaps you even daydreamed during a social studies class. Well, Dr. DJ wants to help you rediscover how exciting history can be by asking you unexpected questions that you may not think are historical. Did we fight World War II over trees? Can we write histories of the future? Who thought it was a good idea to blow up a whale? Dr DJ will ask you these questions and as he answers them you will realize History is more than dates, people, wars, and falling asleep. History is an exciting way to study the past and learn about the present. So, feel free to sign up and hear some of Dr. DJ’s Unexpected Histories!

with Derrick Angermeier

If registration for your class has closed, please email youthremotelearning@gmail.com to sign up for the class! We’re excited to have you.

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