Frequently Asked Questions


I have registered for a class. When will I hear from the instructor? We are so excited to have you taking a class! You should hear from the instructor the day before the course starts confirming your registration and letting you know the platform on which the course will be meeting. 

How do I know if the class I signed up for is one session or multiple sessions? We will do our best to ensure this information is contained within the description of the course. However, sometimes this information may change or an instructor is still determining what structure may be best for their course. The instructor will communicate this information as soon as possible. We recommend signing up for the first offering of a course if you are uncertain. 

I see that there are multiple age groups listed for some courses. Does this mean there is more than one section of the class? If a specific class is tagged with more than one age group, it means that is open to anyone within that range and will be taught in the same section at the same time. 

I can no longer attend a class for which I registered. How do I cancel my registration? The best way to cancel a registration is to go to the Eventbrite confirmation email you received and cancel through Eventbrite.

Registration for the class is closed, can I still sign up? If registration for your class has closed, please email to sign up for the class! We’re excited to have you.


What platform should I conduct my course on? It’s up to you! Please reference the confirmation email you received about the best way to teach over various platforms. We recommend using Zoom but also understand this may not be possible for all instructors. 

I have heard that there is something called “Zoom Bombing.” What is it and how do I prevent it? We highly recommend reading this article to prevent any unwanted interruptions during your course:

Can students interact during the course?  Yes, absolutely! However, please remember, as outlined in the confirmation email, if you choose to record your session, you must not include (moving or still) images of any minors that participate in your session—you should only record yourself and any images or text that you share on-screen. For emphasis: you must not include images of any minors.

How do I know the students in my course? You will receive an email with the students in your course approximately 36 hours before the course session. Please reach out to your students within 24 hours of course time confirming that they are enrolled in your course and how you will be meeting. 

Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you encounter any challenges navigating our website, accessing our courses, or contacting instructors.