Let’s Void Some Warranties – Hacking Electronics

The first class will go over some basics required to do electronic hacking (soldering, taking things apart, how circuit boards work, and some basics with a programmable IC). We will be using arduino.

The second class will be based on be determined based on vote during the first class! Students will learn how to “circuit bend” an existing product. Examples include:

  • take an xbox controller, and make the arduino automatically press buttons for us
  • reprogram a “smart light bulb” to do whatever we want
  • reprogram one of those “amazon smart tags” to do whatever we want
  • add lights to a kids toy
  • reprogram a common wifi router to do whatever we want 

with Matt Oyer

If registration for your class has closed, please email youthremotelearning@gmail.com to sign up for the class! We’re excited to have you.