How to Thrive in Emotionally Charged Conversations

At a time when our communities and country seem more divided than ever, it can seem increasingly difficult to talk to people with whom we disagree. The truth is, it is not impossible to have productive conversations with people who vote for different candidates, support different policies, or just see the world differently than us.

In this class, we will explore the knowledge and skills required to engage in dialogue across differences. We will integrate cutting edge research and techniques from negotiation theory, transformative mediation, conflict resolution, psychology, and sociology. Rather than focus on how to win debates, we investigate how to engage in constructive conversations and pursue mutual understanding.

This class will not teach you how to win a debate, but you will walk away knowing how to manage an emotionally charged conversation. You will learn how to escape the vicious cycle that turns dialogues into toxic debates and entrenches those you wish to persuade.

with Zachary Schaffer

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