Born to Lead and to Mess Up

This is a 2 part course dedicated to leadership, communication, and how to get involved to build confidence and leadership opportunities.

First-class: Students will hear Rayna’s leadership journey from her teenage years all the way up to starting her own business at 28 years old. Students will learn the significance of learning your own personal and family story. Students will walk out with the tools to find mentors, enhance networking and carrying on conversations.

Homework: Students will be asked to interview family members and share in the following class.

Class two: Students share their stories and learn how to identify their skills and gifts. Teens will be challenged on how to apply those gifts to the causes they care about.

Homework: Students will walk away with a worksheet they can use throughout their leadership journey for getting involved and chasing their passions.

Who is Rayna Rose? I have personally mentored over 100 high school students professionally and have spoken to over 100,000 people in the last decade. I support leaders who want to increase their confidence through social impact and conversation. I am passionate about people leveraging their skills and talents to make a difference in the world therein empowering themselves.

My goal for the students is to learn their family and personal stories and how to share them to motivate themselves. The students will be challenged to think about their dreams and gain empathy for others. In addition to my education and career background, I am fun and very animated and passionate when I speak.

*Please note that classes on Monday are Part 1 and classes on Friday are Part 2*

with Rayna Rose Exelbierd

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